The Severn Estuary Survey

A linked blog and Google map of places around the Severn Estuary I have photographed, over maybe 40 years! Each place maker on the map links to a set of photos on a page on this blog. Most are dated, a few not. Most are black white images, a few not. Many more places and photos to be added soon. 15/03/2022.

The Map. Explore by dragging and zooming, and hovering over place markers, and following the links in the place markers to the blog posts for sets of photos. When you jump from blog to map it should be centred on the place marker relating to the post.

I have lived around, or close to, the shores of the Severn Estuary (UK), just about all my life, both on the Welsh / north shore, and the English, south shore. I have visted most places on both of these shores, some on many occasions; crossed over the estuary on its great bridges, and under, by rail,  thousands of times.

The huge tides in the estuary make it a very special place – mood and light and landscape are alway in flux. It is a landscape rich in both natural and cultural heritage which is of international importance.

So, on the pages of the blog are sets of photographs of differing locations around the estuary. Many sets are taken on one visit – date given where possible; some others are images of locations at differing dates and times. Some information is given about the places. Sometimes the visits were made with other people, who are named.

Each set of photos can be viewed as a seperate page by clicking on the title in the menu on the right.

In the tiled galleries, click on any image to see it full-size (24 Feb 2022).

Author: Owain Jones

I am an emeritus professor of Environmental Humanities, Bath Spa University, UK. I trained as a cultural geographer and have published many academic articles and books on various aspects of place, landscape, memory, nature-society relations, and, specifically, on tides and tidal landscpes.

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