Purton (south shore), mid-upper estuary; inc. the famous ship Graveyard; 04 06 2010

With Sue Hunter-Jones. At Purton, Gloucestershire, on the South shore of the estuary, is a ‘ships’ graveyard’. Also known as the ‘Purton Hulks’. This is reputed to be one of the largest collections of marine wrecks in the UK. The estuary used to be very busy with all manner of vessels. As small harbours, and local coastal trading routes declined, the boats became redundant. Many were beached here. In part this was to help stabilise the bank of the estuary, just behind which is the Sharpness to Gloucester canal. Over the years the boats have slowly rotted away and sunk into the bank. So it is much less striking than it was even a few decades ago. Many wrecks are marked with a plaque, and there is a list of all the wrecks on a larger, cast iron, sign. More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purton_Hulks Also some general views.

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