Littlton-on-Severn; a spring high tide and after; storms, power station, wracklines and more; 21 02 2015

Also known as whale wharf (as a huge dead sperm whale washed up here in 1885, more here). Upstream is Oldbury Nuclear Power Station and Thornbury Sailing Club. Downstream the Severn Bridge. The wooden posts out in the estuary, in some of the pictures, are the remains of fish traps. The high tide brings a strong wrack line, a lot of debris, and a dead sawn! The drainage sluices are shut to the high tide. Walkers wander on the seawall. Squalls run up the channel. Littleton Pill, full to the brim at high tide, shows as half empty a few hours later. The remains of fish traps, the lines of posts, can be seen.

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