Fretherne; low tide to high tide; small bore passing- surfers in distance; 27 05 2021

At Fretherne it is easy to climb down to the foreshore from the seawall / Severn Way Footpath. At low tide there are large rocky pavements to explore. Lots of mud, bird tracks, tidal curiosities (a headless plastic owl!). Downstream is The Noose, the first turn of the great horseshoe bend where the bore begins to gather itself. Behind the Noose is Frampton-on-Severn, marked by the spire of St Mary’s church. Upstream, on the far distant bank, is Billo Pill, with the Forest of Dean in the background; further on around the bend, Newnham-on-Severn. Arlingham village is nearby. There are a lot of pictures in this set showing low tide and then high tide as the bore comes and passes.

More images (a few in colour!)

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