A Trip to Flat Holm Island; 05 07 2010

Arranged by artist Penny Summerville, who published an art book about the island, as her father was born there! See here for more info. Her grandfather was stationed there in the small garrison. Also with artist Davia Kirkpatrick and others. We set off from, and returned to, Cardiff Bay, passing through its locks. There are a lot of photographs as there is a lot to see on Flat Holm. The light house; huge, abandoned Napolionic era canon; World War Two battery stations; a number of ruins; and A LOT of seagulls. There is also an amazing, now defunct fog horn station. Pictures of that are in a seperate post. Views of Steep Holm Isle; Brean Down, the Cardiff and Penarth coast.

As with all trips to the island, times, and heights of high and low tide, determine possible times of arrival and departure.

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